Conference abstracts

listed alphabetically according to the presenters last name.

Material science and Life Science
Hasan Ali Experimental Progress to obtain atomic resolution EMCD measurements in the TEM
Monika Amundsen Direct observation of intermediate twinning in the phase transformations of ferroelectric potassium sodium niobat
Kesara Anamthawat-Jónsson ”Triploid birch hybrids from natural woodlands in Iceland”
Unnar Arnalds Magnetic microscopy of ordering in mesoscopic magnetic systems
Aleksandr Bagmut Crystallization modes of amorphous films and their numerical characteristic according to TEM data
Pritam Banerjee 3D reconstruction of small quantum dot at atomic resolution using inline 3D holography
Calliope Bazioti STEM-EELS investigations and Lorentz microscopy unravelling the structural evolution of FeCoNi(AlMn)x high-entropy alloy and its impact on magnetic properties
Espen Bøjesen Studying materials at the border between order and disorder
Andreas Delimitis Studies of host and dopant ion distributions in Mg2Si-based thermoelectric materials employing electron channeling

Vishesh Dubey  “Photonic-chip: a multimodal super-resolution imaging tool for


Sabrina Daniela Eder The advance of scanning neutral helium microscopes, SHeM: from the first images with neutral atoms to the fundamentals of imaging with state-of-the-art scanning neutral helium microscopes
Martin Ek Probing surface-sensitive redox properties of metal oxide nanoparticles
Cana Elgvin Crystallographically oriented ZnFe2O4 nanoparticles in ZnO thin films
Kidane Fanta Gebremariam Microscopy and X-ray Microanalysis in the investigations of archaeological materials from Rogaland, Norway
Fredrik Sydow Hage Vibrational EELS in the electron microscope at atomic resolution
Pétur O. Heidarsson  “Molecular disorder on a dynamic nucleoprotein landscape “
Antonius van Helvoort Using unsupervised machine learning for "better" TEM analysis
Mari Honkanen Motion of domain walls in ferromagnetic steel studied by TEM – Effect of microstructural features
Guillaume Jaquemet Democratising deep learning for microscopy with ZeroCostDL4Mic
Daniel Kelly In situ characterisation of dynamic nanoscale processes both in and on two-dimensional materials
Paul J. Kempen  “Materials at the Interface of Biology”
Snorre Braathen Kjeldby EELS and SEM-CL investigations of ZnFe2O4 nanoparticles and iron-decorated inversion domain boundaries in bulk ZnO.
Shun Kondo Characterization of Grain Boundary Related Mechanical Phenomena via TEM Nanoindentation
Kristjan Leosson Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy – from Elemental Imaging to Industrial Process Control
Hu Li Direct writing of functionalized graphene nanopatterns with tunable bandgaps in FIB
Fengxiang Lin Distortion correction for EBSD maps and quantitative analysis for ex-situ EBSD experiments
Hana Lukesova Fibre identification on cultural heritage - optical versus electron microscopy
Adrianna Milewska  “SERS imaging of mesenchymal stromal cells differentiation”
Wangzhong Mu In-situ high temperature confocal laser scanning microscopy: introduction and applications in metallurgy
Nonappa Cryo-electron tomography of chiral plasmonic superlattices
Magnus Nord Studies of ferromagnetic domains using STEM-DPC with fast pixelated direct electron detectors
Justinas Palisaitis Atomic-scale structural and elemental analysis of novel substoichiometric transition metal diboride coatings
Anthoula Poulia Investigation of High Entropy Alloys via Magnetic Force Microscopy
Sonal Prasad  “Physiological role of extracellular ATP in the inner ear”
Chiranjit Roy Atomically resolved tomographic reconstruction of nanoparticles from single projection: influence of amorphous carbon support
Michael Seifner Dynamic Processes in Metal-Semiconductor Nanoparticle Heterostructures
Knut_Endre Sjåstad Come out with your hands where I can see them, I have an electron beam, and I will use it
Krister Svensson Quantifying crystallinity in carbon nanotubes and its influence on material properties
Thomas Thersleff Hypermodal data fusion: Big data methods for nanoscale challenges
David Wahlqvist Analysis of ZrO2-intercalated montmorillonite clays

Hongyi Xu “Structure Determination of Biomolecules by Electron

Lunjie Zeng In situ electron microscopy correlating site-specific mechanical, electrical and optical properties of nanowires
Håkon Wiik Ånes Comparison of on-line and off-line averaging for EBSD indexing


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