SCANDEM 2021 17th of June

We are planning for a virtual meeting extending from morning til evening, but with longer lunch and dinner breaks for you to enjoy some fresh air and hopefully sun where ever you are. 

 The conference has traditionally hosted two parallel sessions as well as a few plenary presentations, and a similar program is pursued in this year. The length of program is still flexible, but we currently aim for three main time blocks with presentations: Morning (9 -11), Afternoon (13-16) and Dinner (17-19) with some additional smaller coffee breaks.

The SCANDEM General assembly is planned to take place at the end of the afternoon program and the link to the meeting will be distributed to the Nordic microscopy society members.

Confirmed live speakers

  • Antonius T.J. van Helvoort (NTNU) – "The use of unsupervised machine learning for "better" TEM analysis".
  • Magnus Nord (NTNU) – "Studies of ferromagnetic domains using STEM-DPC with fast pixelated direct electron detectors".
  • Andreas Delimitis (Stavanger) – "Studies of host and dopant ion distributions in Mg2Si-based thermoelectric materials employing electron channeling".
  • Hana Lukesova (Bergen) – "Fibre identification on cultural heritage- optical versus scanning electron microscopy".
  • Fredrik Sydow Hage (Oslo) – "Vibrational EELS in the electron microscope at atomic resolution".
  • Carl Martin Ek Rosen (Lund) – "Probing surface-sensitive redox properties of metal oxide nanoparticles".
  • Michael S. Seifner (Lund) – "Dynamic Processes in Metal-Semiconductor Nanoparticle Heterostructures".
  • Lunji Zeng (Chalmers) – "In situ electron microscopy correlating site-specific mechanical, electrical and optical properties of nanowires".
  • Shun Kondo (Chalmers) 
  • Hu Li (Uppsala) – "Direct writing of functionalized graphene nanopatterns with tunable bandgaps in FIB".
  • Hasan Ali (Stockholm) – "Experimental progress to obtain atomic resolution EMCD measurements in the TEM".
  • Hongyi Xu (Stockholm) – "Structure Determination of Biomolecules by Electron Crystallography".
  • Wangzhong Mu (KTH) - "In-situ high temperature confocal laser scanning microscopy: introduction and applications in metallurgy".
  • Espen Drath Bøjesen (Århus) – "Studying materials at the border between order and disorder"
  • Daniel Kelly (DTU) – "In situ characterisation of dynamic nanoscale processes both in and on two-dimensional materials".
  • Alice Bastos da Silva Fanta (DTU)

And more to come soon!

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